Running down towards the Gulf of Mexico, along the natural longitudinal boundary between Florida and Alabama flows the cleanest river in the South. The Perdido River flows quietly, in an almost melancholy way, and is the South’s best kept secret. With waters so pristine, calm and serene not even a playfully enthusiastic breeze can fold ripples pleating its natural surface sheen, Perdido River mirrors the blue sky, the cotton ball clouds, the tall trees, the many shrubs and cypress stumps that line both banks.

This is the Sports, Recreational, Activities world of Perdido Natural Adventures. We responsibly, faithfully and sensibly operate, manage, and safeguard this sweet spot of creation with you – “lovers of the outdoors” in mind.

As practicing stewards of nature and all of its endowed beauty we believe there are three kinds of people in the world: Those who litter, those who do not litter, and those who pick up others litter… which one are you?

Let´s keep our beautiful river clean. When you come visit, please don´t bring any glass with you.


Tell us what you think. . .

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