Who Can Kayak?


A young man kayaking

When I lived in San Francisco, I drove across the Oakland Bay Bridge to work. The city skyline was magnificent but the Bay itself presented a much more interesting mixture of sights. There was Yerba Buena island with the Coast Guard station, Treasure Island with the US Navy station, and the Oakland docks with its Army base. Off on a distance toward the Golden Gate bridge, stood old rock heap Alcatraz, rimmed with piled jagged rocks and other broken pavement refuse.


Embarcadero Kayak-ers

Down by the Embarcadero estuary and landings, little yellow plastic looking objects resembling miniature boats bobbed up and down. The objects were one-man, two-man kayaks – I was told. I didn’t know kayaks sat low in the water. Some models looked like the person and the boat formed one seamless object. Dressed in hooded black rain coats, the kayak-ers appeared “installed” and “sealed” into the vessel.


Perdido River Kayak-ers

Perdido Natural Adventures kayaks are more conventional. They are open vessels and like miniature boats, they are indeed loaded with “kayaking” fun. You use a paddle to propel yourself forward and to keep the kayak on an even keel (balanced) so you don’t capsize.

Look at this dude with a giant-sized cooler for a back rest. The cooler must be full. See how low the aft sits on the water? But kayaks naturally sit low in the water. This dude is an expert kayak-er as we can see by the maneuver he executed to negotiate the river’s bend. He’s having fun. Loads of it.

The still waters of Perdido River is a kayaker’s dream. Relaxing ride… deep and cool still waters.


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