Welcome to Perdido Natural Adventures

The wilderness… imagine an arid desert, a vast expanse of sand dunes sculpted and re-sculpted by the night wind. Shifting sands with lonely outcroppings of hardy date palms, bull-rush and ground creepers, even maybe an oasis with a small watering hole for the creatures who live there. It is heaven for them – unspoiled, with its natural beauty secrets kept intact.

Perdido River

Perdido River

There is such a wilderness close-by – though not a desert – but a wilderness nevertheless. Its natural beauty still kept pretty much secret, unspoiled by human litter and refuse. This body of water lies along the border of sunshiny Florida and beautiful Alabama. It flows quietly, gently and silently down to the Gulf of Mexico. Its banks lined with stands of pine, fir and cypress, over-arching berry bushes and vines the Perdido River stands supreme and is the cleanest river in the South-land.

We are Perdido Natural Adventures. We dedicate ourselves to sharing this river paradise with you nature lovers, bird watchers, hikers, kayakers, canoers, and those among you who treat all of creation with human tenderness. We ask only that you help us be responsible stewards, keeping the place clean and ever pristine, unblemished and unscarred for others to enjoy.

We cordially invite you to contact us to make a reservation – for a camping trip, or a sight-seeing trip, even tube trips… the activities are endless.


Tell us what you think. . .

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