The Upper River

Lotus plants

Lotus plants

Paddling up-stream’s easy, relaxing. Rowing a light canoe or paddling a kayak, one can take time to look and admire the surroundings. The water swirls and makes a tympani sound as the wooden oar hits the water. It is a familiar sound of cavitation and music to the ears of those who love the great outdoors.

The most amazing things happen on the upper river. Birds nesting, woodpeckers drilling holes on tree trunks, and squirrels squatting into holes built by other creatures. A lonely bald eagle roosts on a pine limb, its sharp eyes surveying the river bank pools for fish feeding on eel grass. Then there’s the lotus plants, leaves spread covering the surface, adding a bit of color to the otherwise clear shallows.

How refreshing to breathe fresh air… unadulterated by smog and other chemicals in the atmosphere. Yes this is wilderness at its prime. As Longfellow would say… “with the murmuring pines and hemlocks…”

Come on down and visit with us.


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